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Sunmark Forearm Crutches Adult

Consumer DescriptionSunmark Forearm Crutches Adult
Mfr/Supplier Part #194-9171
Size1 EA
300 lb weight capacity. Limited warranty.
When using forearm crutches, ensure that both crutches are adjusted to an equal height and that all snap buttons are properly seated. 1. Depress the snap buttons on the leg extensions and adjust the leg extensions up or down to achieve the proper height for the user. 2. Ensure that leg extensions are engaged in the same respective adjustment hole and the snap buttons fully protrude through the hole of each leg for an even height adjustment. 3. Adjust cuff height by depressing snap button on each cuff and inserting the snap button into the adjustment hole. 4. Ensure that cuffs are engaged in the same respective adjustment hole and snap buttons fully protrude through adjustment hole of each cuff for an even height adjustment. 5. Rotate ALL collars until tight to secure cuffs and leg extensions. 6. A dealer or therapist should instruct the user on the proper adjustment and use of the crutches. 7. Periodically inspect all moving parts of the crutches for proper operation. NOTE: The crutch cuffs can be widened or narrowed to help ensure a secure fit around the arms of the user. Cleaning: Clean the grips with a mild soap, detergent or household cleaner. Do not use an organic solvent (such as acetone, MEK, lacquer thinner, lighter fluid, dry cleaning fluid, gasoline or turpentine) that may dissolve the plastic and cause the grip to loosen.
FOR USER TO READ BEFORE USE! For maximum safety these precautions must be taken when using this product. BEFORE EACH USE MAKE SURE: 1. You are correctly fitted. 2. All spring buttons are engaged and all screws are tightened. 3. Tips are in good condition. Replace tips immediately when worn. 4. Hand grips are attached securely and do not slip. 5. Nothing is loose or uneven and there are no rattles or cracks in the metal, plastic, etc. or any other irregularities. 6. Product is used only with the manufacturer's parts and accessories - have seller install. 7. User does not have any handicaps, disabilities or is on medication, etc. that a doctor, therapist, and/or seller would deem to interfere with the safe usage of the product. 8. User does not exceed the maximum weight capacity listed on the forearm crutches. Use only as instructed by your healthcare provider. Always use extreme care when using a forearm crutch. Avoid all potential safety hazards including slippery, uneven or soft surfaces and objects in path. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY.
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Size30 CP